Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Gotta Share...come & spotlight blog by Veritas Crafts


I know it's been awhile since I've been back here, but lots has been happening in my life.  Most importantly, I lost my dear sweet mother last month.  A lingering illness took her after 3 years.  It matters not that we were expecting the worst, because when it came, we were still devastated.  Emotionally, you're never ready!

Since then, Mother's Day has come and gone for 2011.  Lucky for me, two of my three daughters were able to be with me and we surrounded ourselves with each others love.  We remembered my mom and in general had a very lovely day.

Now it's time to get back into the flow of life.  

Today, I want to share a new blog with all of you.  A fellow etsy shop owner has started a new blog to feature and spotlight etsy people, their products and their stories.  And, Grandma's Crochet Cottage is the lucky first recipient of that attention.  I am honored! So, I want to link you up with that website and hope you will bookmark it for future reference.

So, dream and do and love it while you're at it!

Join us again soon for more shop talk. In the meantime, please visit Grandma's Crochet Cottage (my etsy store). Have a great week!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Remember Paint-By-Number?

Hello friends,

It's time for more crochet talk!

Well, actually, maybe we'll just talk about something I found in the attic, rather than things crochet-related today.

You know how you just run across something you forgot you had? Well, I did that not long ago.  Being a grandma (and loving it!), I've been around for awhile! So, you may not remember the paint-by-number craze that ensued 50+ years ago, but I do. Yep, that's what I came across in the attic - a framed pair of beautifully-painted pictures of a family of horses. 

As you can imagine, paint-by-number art is only as good as the "steady" hand of the artist. And I wanted to share this lovely set with you. You'll be able to see how precise and detailed the artist was!

The world of art has come a long way from the paint-by-number era. I've learned that there is nothing you can do wrong when it comes to creating "beauty." And, honestly, I'm glad. I've come to appreciate so many art forms. There are lots of very creative thinkers in our world today!

I encourage you, as a crafter/artisan, to live out your creative dreams in the beauty you make. If you have a specialty or vintage items, like my sweet family of paint-by-number horses, there's an outlet for your wares: Check it out. I did. I now have my own shop... where incidentally, you will find this pair of pictures for sale. <wink>

So, dream and do and love it while you're at it!

Join us again next week for more crochet talk. In the meantime, please visit Grandma's Crochet Cottage (my etsy store). Have a great week!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Easter is Spring, Spring is Easter...

Hello friends,

It's time for more crochet talk!

As you know from my earlier blogs, I have an etsy store, where I promote my very own crocheted creations.  Well, today I'd like to promote some of my fellow etsians who also sell fabulous crocheted items.

Easter is coming up and is considered the epitome of spring.  So, let's look at some related crocheted items.

How about these cute Easter Eggs?  Any child would be delighted to find these lovelies in their basket.  Created by locoMOmma.

And what's Easter without the bunny?  If you have a little one in your family and friends cluster, wouldn't he or she look adorable in this cute little hat? Created by puddintoes.  She will custom make this bunny hat in your desired color and size.

Here's a bright springy yarn scarf made by LucyRansom.  This would be lovely with a certain outfit.  Can't you just see yourself wearing it in your local Easter Parade?  And during March, she is offering this item on sale!
Easter Sunday usually means a new frock with accessories.  Here's a sweet little clutch that would surely accentuate the positive. It just screams a sweet way... Created by Stitchbykc. And, just like me, she'll take custom orders.
And, how about these cute little appliquéd spring flowers. Certainly, they can be used on garments, but I can see decorating with these for use in centerpieces or napkin holders, or anything!  Created by elijuks

Finally, I'd like to share one of my scarves.  I call it Spring Fancy. It is very light weight, made with cotton thread and a soft acrylic fur accent. The neutral color would be very complimentary to almost any spring outfit!

Join us again next week for more crochet talk. In the meantime, please visit Grandma's Crochet Cottage (my etsy store). Have a great week!

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Eco-Friendly Grocery Tote

Hello friends,

It's time for more crochet talk!

Rather than sharing free patterns with you this week, I'd like to re-introduce you to Grandma's Crochet Cottage, my etsy store, specifically to share my new eco-friendly grocery tote.

All of us want to do whatever we can to save our natural resources and keep our environment safe and healthy. So, I decided to create a versatile tote to help eliminate that all too-familiar question, "Paper or plastic?"

This eco-friendly grocery tote is strong and durable. Made with 4-ply worsted yarn, it stretches to carry heavy groceries without undue stress on the tote. All edge seams are crocheted for secure strength, not slip stitched. Two 9-strand braided drawstrings for closure and carrying. This bag is versatile enough to tote anything you want from picnic supplies to beach accessories to an airline carry-on... and back to groceries!

Although this tote is not made as a reversible item, it could be, as it is made in my signature granny square design; which means both sides appear as the "right" side. 

To view other photos of this tote, please click here.

Join us again next week for more crochet talk. Have a great week!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hats for the Winter-Spring Season

Hello friends,

It's time for more crochet talk! 

Well, we're at the crossroads between winter and spring.  And since we all love to crochet (especially using free patterns), I thought it might be nice to share some fun, warm hat patterns this week, that have some spring potential.

I LOVE to work with homespun yarn. It's soft and warm and large enough to handle easily.  What more can a crocheter ask? How lovely this lady's hat is! It makes me want to stop writing this week's blog and start making myself a hat.  I always have homespun yarns on hand <wink>. Design credit goes to Woodhill Crochet Design Studio and the free pattern can be found here.

Here's a cute little hat shown for "winter," made of alpaca wool.  But, since it's open at the ears, wouldn't it be cute as a "spring" hat made with a lightweight cotton or acrylic yarn in a pretty pastel? That's what I love about crochet; it's so versatile and so much can be done with a single pattern to make very different looking garments.  This is a Bernat pattern and can be downloaded for free here.

Check this one out. Don't you just love it when you can read a pattern that's just two or three short sentences and understand exactly how to create a really cute item?  I love simple patterns.  This one is made with a chunky yarn for winter, but let your imagination go... think of a lighter yarn you might use to create a springy looking hat. Just be sure your initial chain is big enough to go around your head...and then keep on going!  This is a free Lion Brand pattern and can be downloaded here

Drops Design provides this free beret pattern.  How beautiful! And, if you're a knitter, as well, there's a scarf pattern included.  Two for the free price of one...

So, it's not too late to make and enjoy wearing the warmer hats...and to start thinking about what you'll want to wear as soon as spring is sprung!

Join us again next week for more crochet talk. In the meantime, please visit Grandma's Crochet Cottage (my etsy store). Have a great week!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

What can we crochet for St. Patty's Day that is coming up?

Hello Friends,

It's time for more crochet talk!

Let’s talk St. Patty’s Day… now what could we possibly come up with in our crochet crafting that will encompass the heart and spirit of the day?  Lots of very simple, quick and easy little things to create in time for the special day…

Well, we all know that the wee Irish folk like their drink.  So what could be more appropriate than coasters on which to place the brew. This free shamrock coaster pattern is available from Crochet 'N' More.

Or, how about this coaster… with its clover-like edging.  Really cute!  Another free pattern found here

And what would St. Patrick’s Day be without a bit o’ the green to wear? Check out this free four-leaf clover pattern by Rachel.  Just add a bit of double-stick-tape for the day, use a safety pin or stitch on a permanent clasp.  And you’re “officially” set for the day.

Now, sure n' you’ll be providing refreshments to all your friends on St. Patty’s Day.  How fun to show off your crochet talents by offering candies in your Leprechaun’s Pot ‘O Gold.  Free pattern by Cylinda Mathews here.

Join us again next week for more crochet talk. In the meantime, please visit Grandma's Crochet Cottage (my etsy store). 

Have a great week!

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